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- 3 oz sliced Fulmer Valley Smoked Heritage Ham
- 1 Hoagie Roll (or favorite)
- 2 oz First Light thyme infused goat Cheese
- Grass fed Butter or Ghee to coat Bread
- 1 Package Pick’d Mustard Greens

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Step 1

Heat heavy bottom skillet over medium heat (or George Forman )

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Step 2

Spread the cheese on both interior sides of the roll, follow by inserting the ham.

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Step 3

Butter both sides of the roll and place in skillet (use a pressing weight of another clean heavy pan on top to get extra crisp on bread) or in the George. If in a skillet cook on 3 min per side until golden and crispy. George will be ready in 4 min.

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Step 4

Remove the sandwich from cooking vessel to cutting board

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Step 5

Place 2 fresh cuttings of mustard in center of sandwich, close, cut in half and enjoy!