Grown In The Heart Of WNY

We combine premium seeds, technology, food safety and sustainability to create a farm like no other. All Pick’d™ products are New York Grown and Certified, and follow USDA Harmonized GAP Plus+procedures, ensuring both a local product and one grown in compliance with the strictest global food safety standards.

Through Clean Hydroponic Farming

No pesticides. No GMOs. Using hydroponic farming systems, we work year-round in a clean, controlled environment to grow produce the way that it’s supposed to be. Natural splendor meets Ag Tech to make Pick’d™ something special.

Pick’d at their peak

Pick’d™ products are harvested at the peak of freshness so our produce is minutes – not weeks – from your door. Other produce is often harvested prematurely and shipped cross-country. That results in stressed, tasteless products which often use chemical ripening agents and lack meaningful flavor and nutrition.

Available All Year

We’re always growing something special. Our selection includes old favorites such as rich Butterhead and classic Romaine, in addition to dynamic new varieties such as our WG Mix or 3 Leaf Premium, which need to be tasted to be believed.

We complement these greens with nutritional powerhouses such as baby spinach and kale, fresh herbs including dill and basil, and flavor-packed microgreens such as pea shoots and red amaranth.

Below is just a small sample of the breadth of Pick'd product selections. View our full product line-up on the Products page.

WG Roman Mix Brush Line Decal

3 Leaf Premium

Basil Brush Line Decal


Butterhead Lettuce Brush Line Decal

Butterhead Lettuce

Dill Brush Line Decal


Green Sweet Lettuce Brush Line Decal

Green Sweet Lettuce

Red Amaranth Brush Line Decal

Red Amaranth

Red Veined Sorrel Brush Line Decal

Red Veined Sorrel

Redigo Lettuce Brush Line Decal


For more information about our product line-up email orders@pickdgreens.com or click here to contact us through our online form

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