Grown in the Heart of Fulmer Valley

In a rehabilitated barn in New York's Southern Tier, we've created a farm like no other. Natural splendor meets clean growing technology to make Pick'd something special.

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Through Clean, Hydroponic Farming

No pesticides. No GMOs. Using hydroponic farming systems, we work year-round in a clean, controlled environment to grow produce the way that it's supposed to be.

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Pick’d at their peak

Pick'd products can be grown year-round, harvested at the peak of their taste and nutritional value and delivered within hours - unlike most other produce, which is often harvested prematurely and shipped cross-country before it lands on your plate.

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Available 12 Months Out of the Year

We’re always growing something special. Our selection includes old favorites as well as exciting, dynamic flavors that need to be tasted to be believed.

Below is just a small sample of the breadth of Pick'd product selections. Our full product line-up is coming soon...

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Spicy, Nutty, Slightly Bitter

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Spicy, Sharp, Crisp

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Mildly Peppery, Slightly Sweet

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Red Vein Sorrel

Tangy, Lemony, Sharp

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Slightly Sweet, Anise Flavor

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Intensely Peppery, Crisp

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Mildly Sweet

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Slightly Sweet, Earthy

For more information about our product line-up call 607.478.8652 email orders@pickdgreens.com or click here to contact us through our online form

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March 15, 2017

Hitting the shelf at Tops Markets today!

We’re proud to announce that Pick’d microgreens will now be on sale at select Tops locations. We will offer 6 unique varieties: arugula, carrot, mustard. radish-medley, red-vein sorrel, and mizuna. All of which are grown without pesticides or GMOs. You can find our Pick’d line-up in the produce section. Keep an eye out for the Read More